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NatParkStories's podcast

The Nat Park Stories podcast follows one girl as she falls back in love with America through stories in the National Parks.

Join Summer as she travels in her home van to all the US National Parks over the next two years, telling the stories of the people she meets along the way.

Each month, you can access interviews from one park in the journey.

Mar 27, 2019

“This is my first time in interior Alaska and it’s just phenomenal. It won’t be my last time, that’s for sure.” - Andrew Aughenbaugh
I met Augie, in a very hilarious way… By being stuck in a ditch in the largest National Park in the country. 
I cannot begin to capture the relief I felt when this big truck with a towing rig right on front and Maryland plates, pulled up to my rescue. 
Augie had been on the road for three months, driving all the way from Maryland to Alaska, tent camping every night.
I was shocked when he told me that. 
He has biked, canoed, hunted, camped, explored, fished and adventured his way all across Canada and Alaska, and he wasn’t finished yet.
About 7 minutes in, Angie talks about what he brought with him on his 3 month trek and he’s agreed to share his contact info with you so that you could reach out to him with any adventure or gear related questions, seeing as he is WAY more experienced with the rugged adventuring than I.
You can reach him on his website:
He also reached out to me just a couple of months ago and told me about a book he’d just released about his adventures. You can find it on Amazon by searching Following The River's Current
At the end of this interview, after the outro, I included a little treat. Apparently I was recording a bit about the bumpy road when I was run off the road by an RV and ended up in that ditch… it seemed pretty relevant and it cracks me up every time I hear it, so I put that short audio at the end.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this interview with my Wrangell rescuer, Augie.
Let’s jump in! 
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