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NatParkStories's podcast

The Nat Park Stories podcast follows one girl as she falls back in love with America through stories in the National Parks.

Join Summer as she travels in her home van to all the US National Parks over the next two years, telling the stories of the people she meets along the way.

Each month, you can access interviews from one park in the journey.

Feb 12, 2019

"I think everyone should explore their parks... I've gotten to go to quite a few and there isn't anything quite like Kenai Fjords National Park.” 
-Josh Grove
During the ride to Kenai Fjord National Park, I talked with a deck hand on the ship, Josh Grove, who has been working out in Seward for a few years.
During the course of his interview, we talk about what brought him to this National Park, and he gives some really interesting information about what a fjord is and how the glaciers have receded just in the few short years he’s been at the Park.
You really feel like you're on the boat during this interview, as the waves hit the boat and we surge more than 6 feet in the water (which is apparently NBD to Josh).
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